App and Bluetooth transmitter for on-site time recording

Do you want to manage rooms or objects automatically or optimise time recording? AbaPoint has an innovative and simple solution for you!


If the carrier of the smartphone is within the radius of AbaPoint, in and out times are registered. This allows working times to be recorded automatically. AbaPoint can also forward any information or actions to the smartphone.


AbaPoint is fully integrated with Abacus Business Software. The data is immediately available for checking working times, attendance or other processes.


AbaPoint can be easily fixed at any location and the detection radius can be individually defined.


AbaPoint can be expanded quickly and at any time. Installation of an AbaPoint is simple. Additional, individual functions can be installed as required.

How does it work?

AbaPoint consists of a smartphone app and as many Bluetooth transmitters as you like. These so-called beacons – or AbaPoints – can be placed in different places. As soon as a person with a smartphone that has activated Bluetooth and installed the AbaPoint app is within the defined radius of an AbaPoint, the app registers this. Predefined, digital processes can then be initiated. The user receives a push notification on the smartphone, which he or she confirms to set the action in motion. The app does not have to be active for successful detection.

Specific roles are assigned to the respective smartphone user, which allow individual processes to be set in motion automatically. AbaPoint helps to make everyday work easier and more efficient for employees and employers.

Case 1

In & Out

Case 2

Entries for a project

Case 3

Checkpoint / Tracking

Case 4